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Our Mission

Providing the best home care support in Canada

Providing the highest level of care

We exist to provide the highest quality of care to our senior community by ensuring they maintain as much of their independence while assisting them with the challenges of aging. Our mission has always been and continues to be to provide the best home care services in the Greater Vancouver area. At Ana’s Care, we offer a wide range of boutique-style home care support services designed to meet the needs of our clients in the comfort of their own homes.

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The best home care support in Greater Vancouver

Our team of experienced care coordinators, care aides, caregivers, and LPNs provide the best home care support services with our core values in mind: Respect, Dignity, Reliability, and Honesty. 

At Ana’s Care, we know the importance of respecting our clients’ wishes and cultural values. We provide home care support to each of our clients without discrimination. We also try to comply with and honour each client’s dignity by allowing them to make choices for themselves. 

For example, our team allows our clients to make choices in areas such as: what to wear, what they would like to eat, or what activities they would like to do. These seemingly small things mean the world to our senior community that has resigned the majority of their independence.

We believe in creating a safe and honest environment for our clients. We work closely with each client and their family to tailor our services according to their needs. We also carefully select our team members through a rigorous hiring process to ensure that our clients are getting the most qualified care aides, caregivers, and LPNs to provide them with the best home care support.

Interested in hearing more about our home care support services?

Contact us now at [email protected] or call our office at 604-242-2190. Our office hours are Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.
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