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Frequently Asked Questions


We are here to help

Here you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we get from families interested in senior care for their aging parent, grandparent, or loved one.


If you do not see your question listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by email at [email protected] or by phone at 604-242-2190, where a Case Manager will be more than happy to assist you.

My parents are reluctant to accept home care. Now what?

Convincing older adults that they need help at home can be challenging. While they balk at the thought of losing independence, the opposite is true.

By receiving a little help from trained care aides, caregivers, or LPNs, they are much more likely to retain independence because they remain in control of decisions affecting their lifestyle.

Once a crisis occurs (a fall, dehydration, a severe UTI), decisions about their care will be in the hands of others. With professional in-home care, families can enjoy peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in safe and caring hands.

Who pays for home care?

The services offered by home care companies, like ours, are not covered by the government. The government typically only covers a limited number of visits by a nurse, physical therapist, or occupational therapist after a hospital stay or for homebound clients who have high medical needs.

How do you choose caregivers?

One of the reasons we are so successful is our ability to match clients and caregivers. After our initial meeting and assessment with you or your loved one, our Care Manager will have an excellent idea of the level of care needed and the type of personality that would be a good fit. At that point, our care team brainstorms on which of our employees would be a good fit. Nearly 100% of the time, we are right on target with our “matchmaking” skills. However, anytime the client wants to change caregivers, for any reason, we willingly do so.

Why should I hire a company than hiring my own caregiver?

Hiring your private caregiver can be challenging. Doing proper screening and background checks is essential. We have a very rigorous system for screening and interviewing caregivers, so we hire only the highest quality caregivers. Plus, we will handle all ongoing caregiver issues.

When a private caregiver calls in sick or must head out of town to take care of a sick family member, the client and their family are stuck finding a replacement or taking care of their loved one themselves. When you use our company, there are always backup caregivers available.

Most importantly, when you choose Ana’s Care & Home Support, you are hiring an entire team of people who care. We’re here to help you and your loved one in your journey!

What's unique about Ana's Care & Home Support?

Ana’s Care & Home Support is a family-run business employing a team of experienced care aides, caregivers, and licensed practical nurses. 

Our focus has always been to provide the highest level of care designed for your lifestyle. We provide ongoing care management to guarantee that the care you are receiving is of the highest standards. 

We offer free assessments and consultations to ensure that we are the best fit for your family.

For more information, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 604-242-2190.